With a no-knead carrot cumin loaf recipe that had three whole carrots, we had pushed the envelope of healthy bread making. Now, we goon a similar path with a spinach walnut loaf.

This recipe contains 200g spinach (~0.5lb) in each loaf. This is probably one of the tastiest ways to get spinach into a veggie-hating toddler or for that matter, an adult :)


  • White bread flour : 500g
  • Minced spinach [Fresh or thawed frozen] : 200g
  • Walnuts [Whole or chopped] : 30g
  • Salt : 8g
  • Yeast : 0.5g
  • Water : 350 ml 


Follow the basic LoafNest recipe. Note that the amount of water is reduced to compensate for the moisture in spinach.

Mix all ingredients and leave for 12-18 hours.

Pre-heat LoafNest casserole with lid for at least 45min at 230C/450F

Insert the LoafNest liner into the casserole and pour the mixture in.

Bake for 45 min. 


This loaf had a very unique rich flavor due to spinach going through long fermentation. The flavor was unlike any loaf we tried earlier. The loaf was surprisingly airy and with a crunchy crust. The oven spring seemed a bit on the lower side as you see in the picture. The pictured loaf had 250g spinach and we reduced it to 200 in this recipe to give a better strength to the loaf and a better oven spring.


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