Idea Credit: Loopy

Our heartiest thanks to Loopy.

We modified it with LoafNest's Method -- just to keep the things simple.


Rye flour 400g (80 %),

Wheat flour 100g (20 %),

Water(400 ml),

Salt(8 g),

Yeast (0.5 g)


Method: Just mix it!

Wait for18 hours for fermentation, for the the dough to be ready. Pre-heat the closed Cast Iron casserole (without silicone liner) at 230C / 450 F for 45 minutes. Take out the hot casserole. Now, place Silicone liner in the bottom of hot casserole and pour the dough in (and throw some sesame seeds if you like) and close the top of casserole and place it back in oven for 45 minutes!

And, Ta da! There you go!

Rye Bread LoafNest
Rye Bread out of LoafNest

Look at that oven spring!

Rye Bread Slices out of LoafNest
Rye Bread Slices



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