LoafNest Christmas Contest - 2018

Winner of LoafNest Christmas Contest - 2018 is Dwencke!


Details of LoafNest Christmas Contest - 2018:

Contestants of the contest will enter a chance to win a LoafNest for this Christmas, 2018! 

Put your LoafNest to Test!

Who can participate?

  • Everyone who is owning a LoafNest could participate in this contest. 
  • Everyone who has made use of a LoafNest could be contestants of this contest.
  • Contestants must have genuinely made use of a LoafNest to bake bread, to participate. There is no rule for ingredients and no rule for methods, make your favorite beautiful breads to participate.

What is the prize?

A LoafNest! One randomly selected winner from all the entries will win a LoafNest. We will ship the prize to the address of winner's choice within EU and US. 

How do I participate? 

Put your LoafNest to use, make awesome breads, often if possible, and spread the word. Assess your LoafNest from, 1. Quality of the LoafNest , 2. Simplicity and ease of use, 3. Quality of baking of the bread in LoafNest, perspectives and,

All entries, on all amazons and bol.com, will be eligible for the contest.

Contest period:

Until November 30th 2018.

Please note: we need a minimum of 20 contestants' participation for this contest to take place, and who already reviewed LoafNest on Amazon and Bol are automatically qualified to enter the contest.

Selection of the winner

During the first week of December, we will check all the entries on Amazon and Bol and select a random winner of the LoafNest Christmas Contest - 2018. Results will be announced on our website and we will strive to deliver winner's LoafNest before the holidays.

Please participate and, let others participate too!

It is time to lend your LoafNest to your loved ones and enable them to be a contestant as well in the LoafNest Christmas contest! What better way to teach them to make healthy easy and best real breads? We hope that you would participate and, let others participate too!

Please participate!

Infuse Vegetables into Daily Food Intake

Have fun with more and more variety and healthy breads! Make use of pure ingredients or make use of your favorite bread mixes and starters, and try different recipes and different methods from everywhere from all around the world -- LoafNest is for baking your best bread -- prepare your dough in any of your favorite ways!

Please try Flavorful breads from the second section of LoafNest recipes e-book as well. Before you try these flavorful breads they might sound a bit absurd -- what?! a tomato in a bread?! -- but then when you give it a try, you will know! Trust us, give it a try.   

If not tomatoes, try cucumbers perhaps! But then please give it a try, these vegetable-fine-puree based breads are really awesome -- and these breads add a different dimension to our daily food intake, by adding additional flavors and nutrition and without loosing the best qualities of the best artisan breads! Please try!