Cucumber Bread

Yogurt Bread with LoafNest Flow

LoafNest Yogurt bread

If you are an enthusiastic home baker, making and maintaining a sourdough starter and making bread with it is probably on your wish list. It was on ours.

But it remained on the wish list since our starters either turned really nasty, were inconsistent or just plain died. But the appeal of a great sourdough loaf is undeniable. All those complex flavors and the tangy sour taste in the bread!

We made a faux-sourdough loaf using some plain logic.

Cucumber Bread with LoafNest Flow

LoafNest no knead cucumber bread

Cucumber has lots of water in it!

It is almost entirely water, with a pinch of cucumber flavor! 

Cucumber has 96% of water in it.

Did you know that? Could you believe that cucumber has more water in it than the milk? Milk has only 87% of water in it.

So, if cucumber has so much water, how about thinking of it as water with a pinch of cucumber's flavor then? 

That is what exactly we did with our cucumber loaf. All for flavors!